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2 piece truffle or cake ball box

4 piece truffle or cake ball box

6 piece truffle or cake ball box

8 piece truffle or cake ball box

12 piece truffle or cake ball box

cake pops

bag of 4 pretzel sticks

niki's famous gooey butter cake

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engagement party box!
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baby boy cake balls!

ala niki truffles and cake balls come in boxes of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12...or larger boxes to feed a crowd!  Mix and match if you like.  Shipping costs extra.  Please call 917.751.5887 and tell Niki what ya want!  Additional charge for custom & special designs.


The original!  A blend of chocolate sandwich cookies & cream cheese, with a texture like a dense delicious brownie...dipped in chocolate or vanilla.

Peanut Butter Cookie
A blend of peanut butter cookies, cream cheese and peanut butter...dipped in chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter coating.  Peanutty yum!

Cake Ball Truffles

Vanilla Cake balls
A blend of rich vanilla cake and vanilla frosting...dipped in chocolate or vanilla.  Everybody's favorite!

Chocolate Cake balls
Moist chocolate cake blended with chocolate fudge frosting...dipped in chocolate or vanilla.  If you love chocolate... you will looove these!

Lemon Cake balls
Lucious lemon cake, blended with light lemon frosting...dipped in vanilla.  Delightfully refreshing!

Red Velvet Cake balls
Brilliant red velvet cake, blended with rich cream cheese frosting...dipped in vanilla and sprinkled with red sugar.  A Southern favorite!

Strawberry Cake balls
Sweet strawberry cake, blended with a special pink strawberry frosting...dipped in vanilla or rich dark chocolate.  Kids love 'em!

Special Seasonal Flavors Cake balls
Spiced pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, light pineapple cake and frosting, fall-friendly apple cake with rich frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, gingerbread...or whatever you can think of, we'll try it!

Cake Pops

Any yummy flavor of cake ball truffle, individually wrapped on a lollipop stick!

Pretzel Sticks

Large pretzel sticks, dipped in chocolate, vanilla, or dark chocolate...drizzled with chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter...with sprinkles, nuts and/or cookie crumbs.  Individually wrapped in bags of four.

Niki's Famous Gooey Butter Cake

A buttery, chewy crust filled with a pie-like cheesecake filling.  Delicious and decadent... no one can resist this outrageous dessert!!!  Serves 18-22.